GEMSoft is the application of choice for beauty and wellness centers. It allows you to manage your appointments and your customer records, take payments and make detailed reports.


  • Save time and money with GEMSoft!
  • Make your bookkeeping faster & offer a personalized service to your customers!
  • GEMSoft, it’s simplicity, it’s convenience, it’s the application of choice for centers of beauty and well-being.
  • Discover all what GEMSoft can offer you:


 Integrated appointment booking

  • Maximize your employees' time with the integrated appointment booking function. Easy to understand, it allows you to view appointments of your employees easily.
  • Simplify making appointments to multiple services and group appointments.
  • Manage equipment and infrastructure booking with ease.


Point of sale multifunction

  • The point of sale multifunction allows you to make sales in record time!
  • Accept up to 4 payment methods per invoice and do the complete management of gifts /cards certificates.
  • Go directly to the client’s folder or create a new folder.
  • Give discounts and promotions easily.


Management of client files

  • Improve your customer service by getting to know better your customers!
  • Organize the personal information of your customers.
  • Personalize your customer service by discovering the preferences of your customers through their respective purchase history.
  • Stay in touch with your customers by sending email newsletters. Create customized mailing lists based on various criteria such as the date of the last visit and the products and services purchased.


 Control and inventory management

  • Keep control of your inventory at all times. Order only what is necessary and manage your suppliers easily!
  • Add and edit products and services at all times.
  • Quickly identify the most popular products and services.
  • Create products and services packages.
  • Create your own care plans according to the needs of your customers. Manage payment terms and keep track of the remaining sessions.
  • Get a list of suggested products to order and prepare your order in no time.


Staff evaluation

  • Create a good relationship with your employees and increase productivity!
  • Consult your sales staff by periods and get averages.
  • Valuate and motivate your employees by recognizing performance.
  • Easily calculate commissions and bonuses.
  • Quickly view hours worked with the integrated time clock.


Detailed reports and analysis

  • Access various reports that will help you with your bookkeeping and assist you to better assess the overall performance of your business.
  • Get a comprehensive and detailed picture of each store or business, and explanatory charts.
  • Quickly generate reports such as:
  • Sales
  • Accounts receivable
  • Taxes
  • Reconciliation of your cash
  • The classification of employees


  • You can access remotely your POS GEMSoft from any device - PC, Mac, tablet, iPad, Android, Playbook.
  • GEMSoft allows you to connect your POS equipment with ease and speed; it works in synergy with it. 
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