Health Review

The Health Review is a digital application that allows you to automate your health questionnaires and facilitate the work of your receptionist.



An innovative digital solution.

A win-win option for you and your patients.


Facilitate the work of your receptionist and impress your clients. Say goodbye to paper forms and manage your patient health assessments digitally.


Customer Information

Get information on the health of your patients using a tablet and a Wi-Fi network

When you enter the folder patients, Health Review retains the previous information. Thus, the patient can quickly update its information without having to fill in all fields again.

Secure digital signature

Be environmentally friendly and stop wasting paper. Get the consent of your patients by digital signature while respecting the laws on the protection of personal information and electronic documents.

Fast tracking

Get quick access to previous assessments of your patients and update their records.


Health Assessment can be customized to your professional image by displaying your logo and corporate colors.


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