Online Data Backup

Protect your important data with our online backup service, a carefree protection for your important data.


Avoid disasters caused by the loss of data. Protect it with online data backup services from JBL Soft.

Data loss causes

Technical specification

We configure your computer so it backup your data automatically. Your data will be transferred daily via Internet on our secure servers and will be unreadable.

Everything will be encrypted and compressed to ensure quick and safe transfer of your data. You can receive an email confirmation following the transfer.



Double protection:

Your important data is immediately saved on our secure servers. In the case of a crash on your computer system, we can recover your data in the shortest possible time.

Save time and financial:

You will no longer need to purchase backup hardware and you can concentrate on more important tasks. Our experts will be analyzing your storage needs and advise you the space you need.

Complete and rapid automation:

Your data are compressed to significantly reduce the duration of the backup. You will no longer need to spend hours to back up your data on external devices (ex. USB sticks). Everything is done automatically and quickly.

Centralized management and secure data:

Your data will be saved in the same location and encrypted as a protective measure. Other businesses will scatter your information in different location and that can make the recovery process longer.

Quick and easy installation:

The configuration is done rapidly and is supported by all operating systems - Windows, Linus, Mac OS X.


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